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The following listings are current news releases that Jen-Ai Hospital has compiled, so that patients and visitors can be informed of
any new developments in the hospital.

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Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali Installs Bedside Terminal
  Following in the footsteps of hospitals in the U.S., U.K. and Japan,
Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali in Taichung County has installed the first bedside
terminal in Taiwan. In collaboration with...
Jen-Ai Hospital

Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali Awarded "Most Bilingual-Friendly Hospital"
  Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali was awarded as being one of the 8 "Most Bilingual-
Friendly Hospital in Taiwan by the Department of Health and Taiwan
College of Healthcare Executives...
Jen-Ai Hospital

Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali Becomes Sponsor for KIDZ Christmas Party
  This unprecedented event aims to provide some of the city's youngest
and most needy residents with some special love and care at Christmas
time. Traditionally, Christmas is a...
Jen-Ai Hospital

Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali Provides English Brochures
  Starting November 11, 2003, Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali is providing English brochures to all the international patients who comes to seek medical care at the hospital... (more)
Jen-Ai Hospital

Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali Recognized as "Taichung Unlocked" Sponsor
  Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali was recognized as being a sponsor for their small
contribution to the "Taichung Unlocked" Guidebook, the first English
guidebook about Taichung...
Jen-Ai Hospital

Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali Organizes Open House
  Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali cordially invited the international community and members of the American Chamber of Commerce Taichung (AmCham), International Women's Association of Taichung (IWAT)... (more)
Jen-Ai Hospital

Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali Promotes Flu Vaccination
  As autumn is fast approaching, Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali is reminding the international community that the best defense against the flu is to get immunized with a flu vaccination. The flu can cause... (more)
Jen-Ai Hospital

Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali Arranges CPR Workshop for IWAT
  At the request of International Women's Association of Taichung (IWAT), Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali has arranged a special workshop for the members of IWAT, teaching them the basics of the essential life-saving skill... (more)
Jen-Ai Hospital

Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali Launches International Patient Center
  Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali has launched the first International Patient Center (IPC) in Taiwan to accommodate the growing medical needs of the foreign communities in Taichung... (more)
Jen-Ai Hospital

Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali Offers English Information Hotline
  Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali began its IPC English Information Hotline to help the international patients in Taichung that may be visiting the hospital. Please be advised that... (more)
Jen-Ai Hospital

Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali Organizes Special Events in August
  Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali has organized a series of special events to promote the Grand Opening of International Patient Center. Please see the listings of the special events below... (more)
Jen-Ai Hospital

Jen-Ai Hospital Websites are in Compliance with the HONcode (1)
  On July 18, 2003, Jen-Ai Hospital English Website and on August 11, 2003, Jen-Ai Hospital International Patient Center Website were found to be in compliance with... (more)
Jen-Ai Hospital

Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali Places Advertisement on Compass
  Beginning in August 2003 issue of the Compass Magazine,
Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali will place a 1/4 page color advertisement about
Jen-Ai Hospital International Patient Center...
Jen-Ai Hospital

Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali Provides Floor Maps
  Starting July 1, 2003, Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali will be able to provide copies of the 1st and 2nd Floor, floor maps to all visitors who seek medical attention at the hospital... (more)
Jen-Ai Hospital

Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali Recommends SARS Websites
  For the most current information on SARS in Taiwan, Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali recommends the following websites. These websites are updated periodically, if not daily; and provide... (more)
Jen-Ai Hospital

Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali Seeking Bilingual Volunteers
  A not-for-profit hospital located in Taichung County, is looking for volunteers who are fluent in Chinese and at least one other language to help us set up an International Patient Center... (more)
Jen-Ai Hospital

Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali Unveils Baby Web
   With increased services now available on the Internet, from ordering photo reprints to shopping on-line, Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali unveiled its
"Baby Web" to help parents provide a picture...
Jen-Ai Hospital

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