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Sue C., Washington American School: Li Yuan Campus



                                                   6F-6 # 71 YUAN ZI STREET
                                                   TAICHUNG CITY,
                                                   TAIWAN, R.O.C.

To whom it may concern,
    I am writing this letter to say thank you to the staff of Jen-Ai Hospital in Dali. I work for Washington American School as an English teacher; and as a foreigner in Taiwan, I cannot read or speak Chinese. However, when I paid Jen Ai Hospital a visit on Saturday, 7th of December, I was extremely pleased with the staff's helpfulness.
On that Saturday morning, as I walked into Jen Ai Hospital, the front desk person had set her eyes on mine and asked if she could help in Chinese. Obviously, I replied in English and that I needed to see a doctor. In English, she asked me where did I feel sick. I told her about my sore throat, slight headache and indigestion. Next, she asked me for my I.D. and helped me fill in my address and details on the form. She also said that I was going to see a doctor on the next floor, # 1 door and to use the escalator. She also told me to pay at the registration/pay desk first before going upstairs. She used her hand to direct me.
   The first cashier put down all my details into the computer and charged me 190 NT. Then, she directed me upstairs. This next part was a little confusing because I went upstairs to find no # 1 door but there were two doors, either # 1-01 or # 1-02. So I decided to sit in front of those 2 doors. I was not sure on whether to just sit and wait or should I hand over one of my slips or something.


   Within 5 minutes, I decided to knock on 1-01 door and hand in my slip. The nurse spoke to me in Chinese but when she realized my situation, she pulled me into the room and ushered me to sit in one of the operating chairs. The doctor was treating another patient. After 5 minutes, Dr. Lee saw me and explained to me that I had a bad sore throat but the headache and indigestion was probably due to stress. I had mentioned that I also thought it was stress.
   So the nice doctor typed in the kind of medication he was going to give me into the computer stating that he would not give me anything for the indigestion. If it continued, he advised me to see a specialist in that field. Then, he told me to go downstairs, pay again (medicine) and then, collect it at the pharmacy in the hospital.
   The second cashier asked me for 20 NT this time. Then she told me to keep going and then turn left. When I arrived at the pharmacy, the pharmacist told me that I was # 192 in Chinese. When I spoke English, she circled #192 and also wrote down # 192 on my slip and pointed to the screen directly above her head. I went in at 9:05, I had seen a doctor and collected my medication by 9:30.
   The service that I received at Jen Ai Hospital was amazing. I have been to three other hospitals in Taiwan and not one of them have been as good as Jen Ai Hospital. I truly thank everyone that helped me on that morning. I feel much better now.
   Once again, I thank Jen Ai Hospital for their kindness and consideration. Well done!

                                                                    Yours sincerely,
                                                                                    Sue C.

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