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  D Across the Street,  B2,  B3
Scooter Parking
  D Across the Street,  Behind Building #1
Washing Car MachineV Across the Street
Valet Parking V Entrance
Shuttle Bus V Entrance
Taxi V Entrance
Ambulance V Entrance
Small Garden V Entrance
Garden V Behind Building #1
Home Care Goods Store V B1
Chinese Restaurant V B1
Tea HouseV B1
Beauty Parlor V B1
Information Counter V 1st Fl.
Registration Computer V 1st Fl.
Restaurant V 1st Fl.
7-11 V 1st Fl.
Flower Shop V 1st Fl.
Play Room V 2nd Fl.
Baby ServiceV 2nd Fl.
Common Room V 3rd Fl., 6th Fl., 7th Fl., 8th Fl.
Rest Area V 3rd Fl.
Play Room V 5th Fl.
Christian Prayer Room V 5th Fl.
Buddhist Altar V 5th Fl.
Meeting Room V 9th Fl.
Living Room]for VIP^V 9th Fl.
Auditorium V 10th Fl.
Conference Room V 10th Fl.
Classroom V 10th Fl.
Reception Area V 10th Fl.

Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) V 1st Fl.
  D Bank of Taiwan (Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus, PLUS, FISC)
  D Fu-Hwa Bank (Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus, PLUS, FISC)
Public Information System V 1st Fl.
Wheelchair V 1st Fl.
Massage Chair V 1st, 2nd Fl.
Television V 2nd Fl.
Telephone 1 V 1st Fl.
Telephone 2 V 1st~9th Fl.
Telephone 3 V 1st~9th Fl.
Telephone 4 V 10th Fl.
Vending Machine V B1~9th Fl.

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