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Jen-Ai Hospital is committed to serving Taichung and especially the Tatun community, including Wu-Feng, Wu-Er, and Tai-Ping. We are dedicated in enhancing patient care and teaching, and taking a leadership role in the health care system in Taiwan. We recognize that believing in the values and continuously improving the quality are essential in maintaining "excellence" in our hospitals.

Jen-Ai Hospital is a Regional Teaching Hospital and has a respectable reputation in serving the needs of the Taichung and Tatun communities, by providing the full range of medical services from preventive primary care to long-term care. We are committed in providing the highest quality health care to patients and their families. We strive with every effort to improve our quality of care and further serve the general public by pursuing our mission. True to our heritage, we seek to attract the best people who are well-versed in the profession and to be a model in fulfilling our objectives.

The following are the things that we emphasize and believe in:

  Quality Patient Care V We are dedicated in providing quality patient-oriented care
  Patient Focus V We focus on serving the medical needs of the patients
  Mutual Respect V We regard everyone in our community with respect and dignity
  Team Work V We believe in teamwork to solve health care problems
  Continuous Improvement V We seek every opportunity to improve continuously
  Operational Efficiency V We work towards efficient and effective delivery of services
  Societal Commitment V We are committed in "giving back" to our community

Through hard work, we are confident that our goal of serving the medical needs of the Taichung and Tatun communities can be reached. By striving to attain this goal, Jen-Ai Hospital hopes to create a higher health care standard and contribute more to the well-being of Taiwan society.

For those that may be apprehensive about receiving treatment at a community hospital in Taiwan, please be assured that you are in capable hands, as translators are being provided free-of-charge to serve as a bridge between patient and our hospital staffs. It goes without saying that our hospital is open to all nationalities, with or without Taiwan's National Health Insurance card. We accept all major credit cards, and gladly provide receipts and medical certificates to facilitate reimbursements from your insurance company or your healthcare plan in your home countries.

Sincerely yours,

Ming-I Chan Liao, M.D., Ph.D.

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