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The following listings are current news releases that Jen-Ai Hospital has compiled, so that patients and visitors can be informed of
any new developments in the hospital.

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Item 2013/09/30
Jen-Ai Hospital International Patient Center Celebrates
10th Anniversary!
  To understand the scope and impact of the Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali's International Patient Center (JAH IPC) over the past decade, consider the fact that it recently served its 94th nationality - a foreign student from the tiny Caribbean island nation of Saint Lucia (population of about 174,000). (more)
Jen-Ai Hospital

Item 2013/09/27
Jen-Ai Hospital International Patient Center -
List of Accomplishments
  Facts & Figures:
Founded: September 2003
Years in Operation: 10
Patient Visits: 25,000+
Jen-Ai Hospital

Item 2013/08/29
Jen-Ai Hospital's First English Press Release from 10 Years Ago
  It is 10 years ago today that Jen-Ai Hospital released its first press release in English. This press release was for launching the first International Patient Center (IPC) in Taiwan, which was considered a big news at the time. Mark Chan, who is now the Program Director of IPC, contacted (more)
Jen-Ai Hospital

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