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Jen-Ai Hospital: "Dreams Come True!" Charity Event at Dali


ˇ@ˇ@Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali International Patient Center celebrated the Hospital's 60th Anniversary by hosting an event for children under twelve called "Dreams Come True!" where children, teachers, parents, and the Hospital united in love to help the children realize their dreams.

ˇ@ˇ@Before the event the children were asked to write down three dreams (I wish to eat/drink... I wish to see... and I wish to meet...). There were many unique dreams as well as practical ones like wishing to eat steak, Japanese food, spaghetti; wishing to see toys, movies, World Cup Football games; and wishing to meet the cartoon character, Mr. Bean, and President Bush of the United States. All the "dreams" were posted on the first floor of the Dali branch until December 5, 2005.

ˇ@ˇ@Then the President, CEO, and Superintendent of the Hospital selected the most representative dreams for inclusion in the event and invited popular stars from YoYo TV ˇV Brother Banana and Brother Dragonfly to sing and dance with the children. There was also a wonderful Clown Magic Show that made everyone laugh, and hamburger meals for all. Every one was so excited!

ˇ@ˇ@ Three children presented their thoughts in Chinese or English; Jia-rong Pan from the Huei-Ming School for Blind Children, Yong-di Lee, and Karen Sims from the American School in Taichung. Later, everyone was moved when the visually impaired children asked, by Braille, to touch the faces of the celebrities, because they could not see what they looked like.

ˇ@ˇ@The event was filled with screams and laughter as the celebrities, clown, and magician kept the excitement going, and the 60th Anniversary Celebration ended in applause and joy. We trust that many children's dreams were realized, and know that it was a memorable moment in all of our lives.

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