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Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali Organizes the 2nd Annual Open House


@@With the enthusiasm that it always has, Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali organized the second annual International Patient Center Open House on September 25, providing an opportunity for foreigners who are living in Taichung to learn more about the medical services environment. IPC is established to create convenience and friendliness in hospital and remove the obstacles in hospital visits caused by language barrier. Based on the success of the last year's event, this IPC Open House offered free ophthalmology exams, dental exams, internal medicine, surgery and gynecology consultations, dough figurine making, and straw weaving. Complimentary drink and refreshments were also provided.

@@Since the establishment of IPC, international organizations and guests have encouraged IPC staff to move forward. Cooperation with different international organizations has broadened the vision of IPC. Since its establishment last year, IPC has grown. Although there are setbacks and obstacles, the support from the Superintendent allows IPC to explore and grow fearlessly.

@@The end of this year's IPC Open House is not a closure but a new beginning. IPC acknowledges the supports from all participants and appreciates the efforts of bilingual employees and volunteers, as well as medical staff.



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