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Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali Recognized at AHMA 2004


@@Jen-Ai Hospital in Dali City, Taichung County, was extremely honored to receive a Certificate of Recognition at the Asian Hospital Management Awards 2004 for an entry that was deemed one of the best in IT / E-commerce category. The award ceremony was held inside the Plaza Athenee Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, at the last event of the Hospital Management Asia Conference. This is the first time that a hospital in Taiwan had received this prestigious recognition, which is the accepted hospital management awards program for the Asia Pacific region.

@@In its third annual competition, a panel of judges from Johns Hopkins International, Joint Commission International, International Hospital Federation, Asian Hospital Federation, Asian Institute of Management, etc. selected entries that implemented or significantly enhanced outstanding and innovative projects, programs and best hospital management practices, during the previous year.

@@A total of 165 entries from 56 hospitals in 11 countries, which was the most entries received at the Asian Hospital Management Awards, competed in 8 different categories V Customer Service; Marketing, PR or Brand Management; IT / E-commerce; Human Resources Development; Technical Service Improvement; Patient Safety and Risk Management; Governance or Social Responsibility; and Quality Medical Care. Winners of this year's awards included well-respected hospitals from Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia.

@@Dr. Ming-i Chan Liao, the Superintendent of Jen-Ai Hospital in Taichung County, was invited to speak at one of the Workshops organized by the Hospital Management Asia Conference, entitled "Back to Basics: Why medication errors occur and how to reduce these?" He said "It is quite an accomplishment for a hospital in Taiwan to be recognized among other prestigious hospitals in the Asia region, especially since Taiwan has yet to become part of the World Health Organization. As other hospitals in Taiwan start to get recognized internationally, the local medical community hopes that Taiwan is able to obtain WHO observer status, so that international collaboration can be developed."

@@Of the more than 300 delegates from 107 hospitals, representing 24 Asian countries that took part in the two-day conference in Bangkok, this year, only 4 delegates came from Taiwan. 3 delegates from Jen-Ai Hospital in Taichung County (Dr. Chan Liao, Superintendent; Mr. Chi-wen Kuo, Director of Pharmacy; Mr. Mark K. Chan, Program Director of International Patient Center) and 1 delegate from Taiwan Hospital Association (Dr. Wen-ta Chiu, Superintendent of Wan-Fang Hospital) attended this event.

@@With Jen-Ai Hospital in Taichung County winning the runner-up award, this year, Dr. Chan Liao hopes that many more hospitals in Taiwan will participate in the future, to try and win the coveted award for Taiwan. The next Asian Hospital Management Awards is scheduled to take place, October 2005, in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, with increasing number of hospitals expected to compete for the awards, next year.




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