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Jen-Ai Hospital Bilingual Volunteers Attend Compass Anniversary


@@After days of rain, the sun finally sets its face on Sunday, May 23, when the ten-year anniversary of Compass Magazine V Taichung International Food Festival was held in the plaza of SOGO Taichung.

@@Compass Magazine is a Chinese-English bilingual magazine on fashion trend, living, transportation, education, entertainment, and medical care in Taichung. Mark Chan, the Program Director of Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali International Patient Center had contacted the co-publisher, Mr. Douglas Habecker of the magazine during the event preparation stage in effort to recruit bilingual volunteers participating in this event and helping to sell beer. The email from Mark Chan and phone calls from Jennifer Chu, the Project Manager of International Patient Center earned kind support from 15 bilingual volunteers. They came to help on site decoration, booth set-up, selling the goods, and clean up in a relay from 8:00am until 10:00pm The teamwork and enthusiasm of the volunteers were very much appreciated.

@@The 18 booths of international cuisines, and foreign band for live show turned the entire event bustling. Around 4:30pm, Mayor Jason Hu of Taichung City arrived at the scene to mingle with the public. He talked about his love for Taiwanese snacks even during the years he studied in England, and mentioned some stories in his diplomatic career, such as mistaken a fly on a cheese cake for flying raisin. As Mayor Hu learned that Jen-Ai Hospital Chairman of the Board, Dr. Chuang-sheng Liao and his wife were at the scene to visit bilingual volunteers, they greeted each other and took photos together. Mayor Hu also shook hands and took pictures with some bilingual volunteers, and even told Mark Chan in English about the attentive medical care he received from Dr. Liao when he was little.

@@As the night fell, the beer drinking competition drove the event into another climax. The contestants went all out on beer drinking, and the audiences were cheering in fervor. At 9:00pm, the band stopped playing, that meant the end of the event. As the crowd scattered, Jennifer Chu spoke on behalf of the publishers of Mr. Habecker and Mr. C. Donovan Smith to thank the volunteers for their hard work. Only with those volunteers could this event be successful. Dr. Liao and International Patient Center also praised the volunteers for devoting to this event.

Jen-Ai Hospital reminds the public to: "Drink Responsibly" & "Don' t Drink and Drive".




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