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Important Informations
Important Information
D Please bring your passport or Alien Resident Certificate, and National Health Insurance Card to the Health Examination Center.
D Please refrain from eating any food for 8~10 hours before your health examination, since it may affect the outcome of your blood tests (do not eat and drink any water after 12 am before the examination day).
D For your convenience, please wear loose two-piece clothing to help speed up the examination process.
D A small sample of your stool is needed for your health examination. Please use the blue container we sent to you and bring a peanut-size sample to the examination.
D If you are female, please avoid getting a health examination during your menstrual cycle.
D If you are pregnant, please let the staffs know before any tests are done. For the safety of the unborn child, X-ray should not be taken while in pregnancy.
D If you are a virgin, please avoid getting the pap smear test.
D If you need to add an extra examination item, you will be asked to pay for the additional tests.
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