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COVID-19 PCR Test Process


1. Please call the International Patient Center (0963-175-765) or send the Appointment Request Form for Self-paid COVID-19 Test to make your appointment on-line.
2. Go to the ER Main Entrance & go to the ER Counter on the left hand side with your passport, ARC, National Health Insurance (NHI) card, e-ticket print-out & Application Form, before 11 AM or give them to an International Patient Center member to have them approved.
3. Go to the ER Counter to pay in cash or credit card. Next-Day Service tests cost 5,000 NT for a pickup any time after 6 pm the next day. A faster option costs 6,800 NT for a pickup at any time after 6 pm the day of.
4. Wait outside of the ER until a doctor asks you to go to the Negative Pressure booth, located right outside the ER Main Entrance. The doctor will then do the PCR Test at the Negative Pressure booth.
5. Leave the hospital and wait for your results to be ready. Depending on the PCR test you selected, please come back to the hospital either, any time after 6 pm the next day (5,000 NT Test) or any time after 6 pm the day of (6,800 NT Test).
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