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  Required Information
 When arranging an appointment, individuals or referring physicians should provide the following information. Please call the International Patient Center (04-2481-9900 ext. 1995, 2911) or send the Appointment Request Form to make your appointment on-line.
D patient's name as it appears on the passport (first and last name)
D patient's date of birth
D patient's nationality
D patient's local address
D patient's telephone number
D patient's e-mail address (if available)
D patient's passport number and/or ARC number (if applicable)
D whether or not the patient has been to Jen-Ai Hospital before?
D whether or not the patient has National Health Insurance card?
D preferred date of appointment
D brief explanation of the current medical problem
D whether or not the patient will need an interpreter, and if so,
in what language?
About Your First Appointment
Your first visit with a doctor at Jen-Ai Hospital will typically include a medical history and a physical examination. The medical history is an one-on-one discussion between you and your doctor, which includes your past medical conditions, your current symptoms and your family history of medical conditions.
For your initial appointment, please arrive 30 minutes early to fill out the "New Patient" application form. You must arrive a few minutes early for all scheduled appointments. Although you may be asked to wait to see your doctor once you arrive, you may miss your appointment if you do not arrive on time.
Renewal of National Health Insurance Card
If you still hold the paper National Health Insurance card and you've had six hospital visits in the past, you will be required to change to a plastic National Health Insurance card (IC card). Please ask your employer about the necessary paperwork required to apply for a new IC card. Bureau of National Health Insurance is expected to complete the dispatch of IC cards, by the end of May 2003. Starting June 1, 2003, all paper National Health Insurance cards will be gradually phased out and only IC cards will be used in Taiwan.
Following your visit, Jen-Ai Hospital can provide all relevant medical information to the doctor and/or insurance company in your home country to assist in the continued good care at the patient's request (for a minimal fee). If you need diagnosis or certification documents, please tell your doctor and your doctor will kindly provide you the documents when it becomes available. If you need certification for payments or any other medical documents from the hospital, please
contact the International Patient Center for additional information.
Second Appointment
After you see your doctor, you may need to see a specialist for further testing, diagnosis or treatment options. Your doctor will coordinate all tests needed for your evaluation; and if necessary, will schedule another appointment to discuss your results, after you complete all the tests and consultations with other doctors.
You will be given an appointment notice at the Cashier, when you pay for your medicine. Please try to keep all appointments. If an appointment must be rescheduled, please call the International Patient Center at your earliest convenience, preferably 3 working days (not including holidays) before your original appointment.
Questions and Concerns
All medical questions and concerns may be directed to your doctor. Your doctor will answer any medical questions that you may have. If you have any questions regarding your visit or if there is any way that we can make your visit to Jen-Ai Hospital more pleasant, please get in touch with the International Patient Center and we will do our best to meet your needs. If you are requesting additional information in print form, please visit our English Website.
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