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  Health Examinations
Introduction Brochure (English)
Introduction Brochure (Japanese)
ARC Registration
1.   Please call the International Patient Center (04-2481-9900 ext. 1995, 2911) or send the Appointment Request Form to make your appointment on-line.
2.   Patients are requested to go directly to the Health Examination Area located on B1 Fl.
3.   Please check in at the Health Examination Counter and a personal assistant will guide you through the entire health examination.
4.   On B1 Fl., you will be expected to change your clothes, provide some sample and undergo general physical examination.
5.   You will then be led to the 2nd Fl. of the hospital (Floor Map - 2nd Fl.), where you will have your gastro endoscope, ophthalmology, dental and abdominal echogram tests done.
6.   For women only, you will be taken to the 5th Fl., where you will have your gynecological exam.
7.   You will then go back to B1 Fl. and the remaining tests will be conducted, such as bone mineral density, chest x-ray, abdominal x-ray, ENT exam, ECG and lung capacity exams .
8.   Depending on the type of health examination that you have requested, you may be treated to a snack / lunch at the restaurant on B1 Fl.
Blood Tests and ECG
  Go directly to the Laboratory Department on the 2nd Fl. (Floor Map - 2nd Fl.), between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm and show your Jen-Ai Hospital Registration card.
X-ray Examinations
  Go directly to the Radiology Department on B1 Fl. of the hospital, between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm and show your Jen-Ai Hospital Registration card.
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