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Annual Health Examination as Good Health Investment
The Health Examination Center provides accurate and comprehensive health examination to assist patients in better understanding their health conditions. There is a variety of health examinations that can be catered to your specific needs to identify the major health risks that may be prevented by changing your lifestyle, diet and/or behavior.

The purpose of the annual health examination is to spot any disease in its early stages and to identify abnormalities in the body system, using state-of-the-art technologies in detecting illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, etc.

Therefore, please do not overlook your most import asset ¡V your health. Treat your body with your utmost respect. An annual health examination will greatly improve your chances for a lon and healthy life.

A full medical report with a summary of the test findings and suggestions to improve your health will be sent to you by mail, after 12 business days.
Variety of Programs
¡DExecutive health examination
¡DHealth examination for ARC registration, foreign spouses, and foreign laborers
¡DElder/adult health examination
¡DPremarital health examination
¡DOccupational disease health examination for career professional
¡DBlood examination
¡DStudent health examination
¡DOrganizational promotions
When making an appointment, please call 04-2481-9900 ext. 11995, 12911 or call the English Information Hotline: 0963-175-765. Free transportation may be arranged, when requesting group (at least 6 people) health examination appointments.
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