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  Jen-Ai Hospital International Patient Center (JAH IPC), first of its kind in Taiwan, is a full-service department dedicated to meeting the needs and requirements of international patients who receive medical care at Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali. We offer a wide variety of services designed to make patients from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds feel welcome; we strive to ensure that their visit goes as smoothly as possible. We understand the difficulties of managing your healthcare needs in a foreign country and we try to change all of that by assigning you an interpreter to help ease you through the medical care process in Taiwan.

Our services include:
ˇDScheduling medical appointments including follow-up care and check-ups
ˇDProviding interpreters for communicating with doctors
ˇDAssisting with hospital admissions and discharges
ˇDPreparing diagnosis and certification documents
ˇDTranslating medical documents for use after returning home
ˇDSimplifying financial transactions
ˇDArranging delivery of meals catered to Western taste
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