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Jen-Ai Hospital: Taichung Awarded "Most Bilingual-Friendly Hospital"


@@Jen-Ai Hospital: Taichung is awarded "Most Bilingual-Friendly Hospital" in "Implementing Hospital's Bilingual Environment Project", organized by Taiwan College of Healthcare Executives and sponsored by Department of Health. This year, five hospitals won this award. The award ceremony and achievement presentation were held in Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital, December 23, 2004. Mark K. Chan, Program Director of International Patient Center and Jennifer Chu, Project Manager of International Patient Center, attended the ceremony. Jennifer was the representative of the Jen-Ai Hospital to receive the award and gave the presentation on behalf of the Hospital.

@@In response to the policy of "Creating an International Living Environment and Improving the Commonwealth English Proficiency", Jen-Ai Hospital has launched a variety of activities including bilingual signs, English publications, and English websites since September 2002. The English website and International Patient Center website received HONcode certifications on July and August 2003. On December 18, 2003, Dali Branch was awarded with "Most Bilingual-Friendly Hospital" by Department of Health and Taiwan College of Healthcare Executives. In June 2004, the Chinese website and Baby Web website both also received HONcode certifications.

@@In addition, a Certificate of Recognition at Asian Hospital Management Awards 2004 in IT / E-commerce category was extremely honored received. This is the first time that a hospital in Taiwan entered the competition and won an award. On December 3, the hospital was awarded with 2004 "Very Good English-friendly Environment" by Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission, and was honored to be the one hospital winning such award. It is only the beginning to us, Jen-Ai Hospital will continue to create an international environment, improve the English proficiency of the staff, participate in international organizations events, strengthen the interaction and cooperation with foreign companies in order to ensure the quality of English living environment for our nationals and foreign nationals, as well as to bring Taiwan to the global stage.

@@As the mission of becoming an internationalized hospital is implemented in Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali, Taichung Branch has begun to follow the path and extended from Dali Branch plans. Except making bilingual signs individually, all briefs, documents and forms can be used in common. At the same time, organizing and participation of various activities will be conducted jointly to share the resources and fruits.


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