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Jen-Ai Hospital- Dali: Ms. Kathy Huang Wins "Outstanding Foreign Language Volunteers Award 2005"


@@The Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan held its "2005 English Carnival" on Tuesday, December 20 at Taipei 101. The theme of the carnival was to recognize achievements in creating an "English Living Environment" and award outstanding foreign language volunteers in 2005.

@@Chief Commissioner Jun-rong Yeh presented 40 medals to the outstanding volunteers, and Ms. Kathy Huang, a bilingual volunteer from Jen-Ai Hospital, was awarded a certificate and a memorial pottery plate. Mark Chan, Program Director of International Patient Center, and Jennifer Chu, Project Manager, attended the ceremony to cheer her on.

@@Kathy has been a bilingual volunteer at Jen-Ai Hospital since the establishment of IPC in 2003, helping with activities for foreign patients, assisting them to seek medical attention, and providing English conversation training to hospital staff. She is enthusiastic, professional, proactive, sincere, and many foreign patients praise her for her dedication. It was good to see her recognized with the "Outstanding Foreign Language Volunteers Award."

@@The event continued for three days and involved 20 organizations and schools. There were performances of drama, dance, singing, quiz games, challenge games, stage performances, sweepstakes, and a modeling show, making the event fun for all the participants.

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