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Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali Becomes Sponsor for the 2005 Kidzday Christmas Celebration


@@Children from orphanages and nursing institutes in Central Taiwan, plus volunteers from Jen-Ai Hospital, the Red Cross Taichung, and foreign volunteers from other areas of Taiwan made the journey to the Shin-Min High School in Taichung for the 2005 Kidzday Christmas Celebration on Saturday, December 10.

@ @The weekend was a perfect representation of how beautiful winter can be in Taiwan- the sun was shining and the campus was vibrant with life as children, volunteers, and staff had the opportunity to remember the day.

@@As Kidzday began with a performance by the marching band of Shin-Min High School, and ended with a fire truck carrying Santa Claus and baseball stars from the Sinon Bulls, including Tai-shan Chang and Jian-min Chang. All the children at the event rushed to take pictures with them and get their autographs. In addition, there were activity areas including jumping castles, body painting, handicraft, and bamboo weaving booths, etc. There was something for every child's area of interest. Joy and laughter were heard in every corner of the playground at Shin-Min High School.

@@Thanks to all the children, teachers, friends and volunteers who joined in celebrating Kidzday 2005! Jen-Ai Hospital hopes to see all the children back on campus next year to celebrate Kidzday 2006!

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