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Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali Awarded "2004 Good English Environment Award"


@@To improve the service quality, realize an international living environment, and ensure the quality of the English living for foreign visitors, Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan launched "2004 Good English Environment Assessment and Award Plan". Jen-Ai Hospital entered the competition with aspiration to create a better English environment and was the only medical institution awarded with "Very Good English-friendly Environment". Our efforts in creating an English friendly environment have been approved.

@@About 300 organizations entered this competition in 2004. The evaluation items include 1) bilingual signs and marks; 2) bilingual information; 3) bilingual guide, service, and consultation; 4) creative measures in creating an English friendly environment. The evaluation is based on accuracy, completeness, functionality, appearance, and convenience. After two rounds of evaluation, written report evaluation and survey visit, the commission selected 29 Excellent, 35 Very Good, and 136 Good organizations. Jen-Ai Hospital is the only medical institution awarded with "Very Good English-friendly Environment".

@@Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission held the "2004 English Carnival" on the 7th Floor of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store A8 Building from December 3 to December 5. The award ceremony was held at 2:00 pm on December 3, along with the carnival opening. Chief Commissioner Jun-rong Yeh gave 64 awards to organizations winning the Excellent and Very Good. Kevin Cheng, Deputy Director of Administration and Jennifer Chu, Project Manager of International Patient Center, attended the ceremony. Kevin was the representative of the Jen-Ai Hospital and received the trophy and prize on behalf of the hospital.

@@The carnival consists four sections. The themes include measures, achievements, bilingual websites, and life service with multimedia display, as well as online applications for alien residency, employment, housing, traffic news, tourism, education, medical care, living consultation. Achievements in bilingual environment, signs, performances, scenario teaching, urban marketing, and international promotion were exhibited as well. In total, about 52 organizations attended the events.



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