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Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali Welcomes New IPC Member (2)


@@After the comprehensive filtering of resumes and the interviews in Japanese, the International Patient Center again recruited a new member in August. May Chen, who started studying Japanese in the Department of Applied Foreign Languages in the Transworld Institute of Technology, Yunlin, Taiwan after graduating from junior high school, and who passed the first-grade exam of the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) before the end of her five-year college studying. Afterwards, May went to study in the Department of Applied Japanese in the National Pingtung Institute of Commerce, Pingtung, Taiwan, majored in the Commercial Japanese and other related courses. By that time, she won the championship of the National Japanese Speech Contest of Colleges. In order to apply her language skills to real work, after graduating from the two-year college in June 2004, she came to work for the hospital.

@@May arrived at the Jen-Ai Hospital on August 10, 2004. Because she is still new to the medical affairs, she says, "after practically working in the hospital, I did realize how hard the medical institutions and organizations had tried to serve all the patients. The Jen-Ai Hospital is making many plans such as the bilingual services in order to provide the medical care to the international patients as considerate as at home. The Hospital could provide the best service to the patients no matter which country they come from, showing the friendly way to the international patients and reaching the ultimate goal of medical service."

@@The International Patient Center welcomes the new member who is in assisting the growth of the Center. Besides keeping our service bilingually, the Center will plan setting up a Japanese website to provide the Japanese patients with richer medical information so that the Center will gain more support from the patients and keep developing well.


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