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Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali introduces the first Inpatient E-card Service in Taiwan


@@The inpatient E-card service is introduced for the first time in Taiwan by Jen-Ai Hospital in Dali City, Taichung County, which will allow friends and families of patients who are staying in the hospital, to express their concern and care through E-card that can be sent from the hospital's website (

@@The inpatient E-card services are fairly common in hospitals throughout the U.S., Japan, and Thailand. Jen-Ai Hospital in Dali wanted to provide this service to its patients, so that other hospitals in Taiwan can also do the same, in the near future. Currently, there are nine different images that have been designed, including Jen-Ai Hospital architecture, flowers, etc. Senders are able to select the E-card of their choice, fill in basic information about themselves, write a personal message, along with the patient's name and room number. Once the E-card is sent out, the nurse station will receive it immediately and E-cards are printed using a color printer, on a daily basis. The nurses then deliver the personal E-cards to the patients individually.

@@This service is only available for patients that are hospitalized. In the past, the international patients of Jen-Ai Hospital Baby Web and International Patient Center have received the Jen-Ai Hospital E-cards from their loved ones. Serene Judith Christopher, an Indian lady who has lived in Taiwan for more than 5 years, was recently hospitalized for undergoing infertility treatment at Jen-Ai Hospital in Dali. Overjoyed with the news that she was pregnant, her mother sent her an E-card through the Jen-Ai Hospital English Website. The message that her mother wrote, brought a huge smile to Serene's face. Even the nurses were touched by the joy that was sent to Serene.

@@Angela Peterson, a Canadian lady who has only been in Taiwan for less than 6 months, was accompanied by her American husband and her four children, when she underwent an operation at Jen-Ai Hospital in Dali. When her family in Canada heard about her hospitalization, they were nervous and concerned; so as soon as they found out about the Jen-Ai Hospital E-card service, they sent their greetings and blessings, right away. When the nurses delivered the E-cards to her, Angela held the nurse's hands and expressed her gratitude repeatedly.

@@And interestingly, patients are not the only ones enjoying this service. Juliessa Santiago, a caretaker from Philippines, has been benefiting from this service, as well. Taking care of an elderly woman who is mostly bedridden may have added to the stress and anxiety that she has felt for the past 5 years, living in a foreign land. A friendly E-card from her mother, her 2 sisters and nieces, living in Manila has definitely helped her adjust to the life away from home.

@@Inpatients no longer feel alone in Jen-Ai Hospital in Dali because of this new E-card service. Friends and family members that are unable to come to the hospital, in person could express their care and greetings via the Jen-Ai Hospital E-cards. This patient-centered service has brought much joy to all the hospitalized patients and the caretakers that care for them.

@@In the future, Jen-Ai Hospital in Dali plans to design a variety of greeting cards to provide more choices to the public; and on special holidays, send E-cards to all the inpatients staying at the hospital. In addition, Jen-Ai Hospital in Dali will be exploring the possibility of forming future collaborations with flower shops, fruit stores, and other companies to bring on-line ordering services so that the friends and families have a choice of ordering flowers, fruits, and other goods for their loved ones who are hospitalized inside the hospital. Jen-Ai Hospital E-card Webpage is available at:


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