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Jen-Ai Hospital Creates More Bilingual Signs


@@Throughout the course of a year, Jen-Ai Hospital has been adding more and more bilingual signs to help all the international patients who comes to seek medical care at the hospital. Jen-Ai Hospital is taking part in a national initiative called "2004 Bilingual Life Environment Service System Project", which is organized by the Research Development and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan in Taiwan. Much work has been done to provide comprehensive information in English for all the international patients visiting the hospital, which is available on our English website; training given to our bilingual staffs and volunteers; pursuing collaboration opportunities with many international organizations in Taiwan, etc.

@@Since being awarded "Most Bilingual-Friendly Hospital" in Taiwan by the Department of Health and Taiwan College of Healthcare Executives, Jen-Ai Hospital has seen an influx of international patients visiting the hospitals. In the near future, Jen-Ai Hospital International Patient Center hopes to add more information in English and other languages; and continue to provide exceptional services to help the increasing number of international patients that are coming to the hospital to seek medical assistance.




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