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Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali IPC Golf Team Wins the Championship


@@AmCham Taichung held its third annual golf tournament at Taichung International Country Club on April 24 (Saturday). Twenty-three teams in teams of four competed in the tournament. The International Patient Center partook in the tournament for the first time with its own golf team.

@@All participants enjoyed complimentary breakfast in ease and without a sense of tension. The tournament began at 10:30am While waiting for their turns, more and more people began to stretch the body, practice swings, and observe others. The ambience of the tournament was indeed heated in the drizzle. The 18-hole course required a long time and tremendous energy. The delicious hamburger lunch provided by the country club gained wide praise. After refilling the energy, the participants swung even higher in the sunny afternoon.

@@At 4:30pm, Mr. Chia-chih Hsiao, the Vice Mayor of Taichung City, arrived at the site and gave a short greeting. At the same, some teams had returned to the starting point. After 6 hours of endeavor, the team of International Patient Center completed its course. Upon learning that the team score ranked number one at that time, every member of the team was pleasantly surprised. However, the scores of 11 teams were not yet recorded. As the last team finally arrived the starting point at 6:30pm, participants began to enjoy the delicious buffet dinner while waiting for the announcement of the final score. Before the final announcement, sweepstake was held. One of the team members won the ninth place in the individual stroke record with 62 strokes. After a long wait, the great honor, group championship, was finally announced. When Mr. Jack McDowell, the Chief of AmCham Taichung announced that the champion is International Patient Center of Jen-Ai Hospital - Dali, the whole audience gave enthusiastic applause and the team members were very excited. The team won the championship with 70 strokes.

@@The members received the golden trophy from Mr. Jack McDowell. It is a trophy to be handed down to the championship of every year. Every member also received a silver trophy, and prizes including an electric scooter, as well as congratulation from others. It is a truly rewarding night.


        (all photos courtesy of Deshea Stone)
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